Various breakfast entrees you might find on our table are:

Scotch eggs

Eggs Benedict

Welsh bacon and cheddar tart and Irish potato cakes

Sausage and cheddar quiche and Irish potato cakes

Herbed-cheese souffle, meat and cheesy-baked hash browns

Fruit-topped Belgian waffles and meat

Caramel apple french toast and meat

Gingerbread or pumpkin spice pancakes and sausage

Ham and broccoli puff and cheesy-baked hash browns

Asparagus fritatta

Raspberry French toast with white chocolate Drambuie sauce

Poor Knights of Windsor (Recipe from 1500s Britain, similar to french toast but uses wine instead of milk) and meat

Full English breakfast, meat, eggs, toast or scone, fruit and broiled tomato

Juice, fresh ground coffee and your choice of tea also offered. We have a large selection of gourmet teas from which to choose, along with cocoa and cider.

Please allow us adequate time to plan ahead if you have special dietary needs. We will adapt our menus as necessary to accommodate vegetarians, medical conditions, food allergies, gluten free or religious reasons. However, we do not cater to extremist dieters who choose only to eat huge quantities of meat or protein.

The innkeeper is a certified ServSafe restaurant manager.


Breakfast at the inn

Guests enjoy a gourmet breakfast at Brambleberry B&B

Our beautifully presented candlelight breakfast served in our Scottish Highland dining room is the highlight of an enjoyable stay at Brambleberry. We serve our own natural homegrown pork as ham, sausage and bacon for A delicious breakfast at Brambleberry B&Bas long as our yearly supply holds out (we butcher pigs in mid-September). We also feature as much fresh organic produce as possible from our kitchen gardens during the growing season.

All our jams are homemade using our own organic fruits. We serve maple syrup we make here on the farm as long as our supply for the year lasts.

Brambleberry serves its guests more healthy, organic slow food grown onsite than any other B&B in Wisconsin. We also buy locally sourced Wisconsin products when necessary.

Fresh eggs from Brambleberry's farmSherry frequently enjoys incorporating Scottish, British and Irish recipes for breakfast also.

Early risers will find coffee, tea, cocoa and hot cider waiting for them on the dining room buffet. This along with Sherry's yummy homemade jams and bread for toasting will satisfy early-morning cravings until our bountiful, full breakfast is served in our dining room at 9 a.m.

Anyone needing breakfast before 8:30 a.m. will receive a light breakfast basket. If you prefer, we can deliver a breakfast tray to your room at any time.

Organic raspberries from Brambleberry's gardenOrganic strawberries from Brambleberry's garden

The room features a large antique banquet table, able to seat ten. Our windows, with great views of the countryside, are dressed in Chris's family tartan from the Farquharson Clan. A picture of Braemer Castle, home of Clan Farquharson, hangs above the china cabinet which belonged to Chris's great-great grandmother.

Scottish stained glass roundels featuring Highland cattle, sheep, Scottish thistle, a bagpiper and historical figures accent the windows. Chris's whitetail deer trophies are displayed on the walls.


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