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Area offers many year-round attractions

No matter what the season or time of year, there are plenty of area attractions at or near Brambleberry. Offering beautiful, comfortable guest rooms, private wooded trails, an excellent book and video library and our special candlelight breakfast, Brambleberry B&B is a destination in itself. It goes without saying that you will want to taste […]

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Fall colors and wine tasting

Fall colors at Brambleberry

Brambleberry Winery’s outdoor wine tasting area is beautiful in any season, but it is especially so in the fall. The hills that surround our private valley start to show the reds the maples and the yellows of the birches, joined later by the auburn oaks. It’s Mother Nature’s colorful fall display, enjoyed so much when […]

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New additions to Brambleberry Farms

We have two new residents on Brambleberry Farms! Welcome Henrietta and Jennifer, two Minature Mediterranean Donkeys. The jennets (or jennies, both refer to female donkeys) were acquired from our local veterinarians and farmers Carlos Gonzalez and Jill Kramer. We traded three Scottish Blackface sheep for the girls. Mini donkeys are native to the Mediterranean islands […]

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Sheep at Brambleberry Farms

The lambs all been weaned with the exception of one young ram who is still drinking from the bottle. Most of our 2016 lambs have been sold and the ones that remain will be added to our flock or direct-marketed this fall. We had about 30 lambs born this spring.

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Garden starts to take shape

There’s a lot of garden work going on at Brambleberry this spring. We are moving our vegetable garden to a new location. Our former garden was on low-lying land prone to late and early frosts. So we picked up a spot above the equipment shed where we had the pigs the past two years. So […]

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Blooms of spring at Brambleberry

The signs of spring have come to Brambleberry’s crab apple and apple trees, which are in full bloom. We also have numerous wild apple trees that add color to our woods. Our lilac hedge is just beginning to bloom and their fragrant bouquet is a tantalizing scent of spring. The tulips are in full bloom […]

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