hosts new Winemakers Chris and Sherry Hardie have a real passion for wine. It began 30 years ago when they made their first batch of blackberry wine from estate-grown fruit. A lucky stab in the dark, it turned out fabulous!

Over the years, we have enjoyed trying many different types of wine. Having worked as newspaper wine columnists for the last 15 years, we have had the opportunity to sample a wide variety of wines. Sherry prefers big, bold leathery reds with elements of tobacco and spice. Her favorites are Italian reds and French bordeaux. Chris also likes the big reds and the wines of Italy and France, but also pursues carmenere and petite sirah. A sauvignon blanc or a big and buttery chardonnay hits the spot as well for both of us.

We enjoy introducing people to wines and sharing them at our bed and breakfast. A licensed winery seemed like the next logical step after being encouraged by guests. Over the years we have made many fruit wines from our organic gardens. We’ve even made parsnip wine!

We now share with guests our own inspired versions of classic grape wines. We prefer warm climate grape wines to the colder climate versions, so we are sourcing materials from around the world to make our wines. We have grown several cold climate grapes, but they do not do well. We have found the frontenac and frontenac gris to be the most hardy, so we hope to make some port in the future when our small vineyard matures.

Our winery is inspired by our Scottish heritage, like our bed and breakfast. We are conscientious stewards of the land. In addition to our passion for wine, we enjoy seeing our children, grandchildren and friends. We also spend time in our organic garden and taking care of our Scottish Blackface sheep and our beautiful Scottish Highland cows.

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