Sweetie Wines

Brambleberry Winery offers a variety of sweeter wines and blends stronger than a wine cooler but not as dry as a red or white wine. These are perfect wines for the beginning wine drinker. Also popular with the ladies and the ideal wine to enjoy on a hot summer’s day.


bluebell Flavors of blueberry, cherry and spice. Makes a lovely, light picnic wine or enjoy on its own. Serve well-chilled.


The Bonny Lass

bonny lass This wine has a touch of spice balanced by the zest of pomegranate flavors. Serve well-chilled.


Bramble Briar

bramble briar-1 A lighter and sweeter wine with flavors of blackberry, which are called brambleberries in Scotland. Makes a lovely, light picnic wine or enjoy on its own. Serve well-chilled.



cherry-o The tartness and sweetness of the cherry complements the silky nature of the wine. Serve well-chilled.


Cranberry Country White

cranberries This wine is very refreshing with a balance of tropical fruit sweetness and a tart finish of white cranberry. It’s inspired by our nearby cranberry industry. Serve well-chilled.


Green Pippin

green pippin A sweet wine with flavors of tart green apple and honey with a delicious juicy finish. Makes a lovely, light picnic wine. May also be served with poultry or enjoyed on its own. Serve well-chilled.


Court Jester

jester A sweet wine with flavors of black raspberry, also called black caps. Serve well-chilled.


Wanton Wench

wench Inspired by Shakespeare, this sweet and fun wine is a blend of peach and apricot. It is summer in a glass. Serve well-chilled.


Breezy Kilt

breezy A sweet blend of mixed berries that is a little bit risque. Serve well-chilled.


Elizabeth’s Golden Age

golden A sweet wine that blends coconut and tropical fruits for a unique and delicious experience. Serve well-chilled.


Winter Solstice

solstice A sweet and rich ice wine made from riesling. Enjoy as an after-dinner treat. Serve well-chilled.


Dimwitted Knave

knave A sangria-inspired blend with sweet raspberry and peach. Serve well-chilled.


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