Construction update: Grand Wedding Pavilion at Brambleberry


The winter weather is not stopping construction work on the Grand Wedding Pavilion at Brambleberry. We’re only about 6 or 7 weeks away from completion of the area’s best new wedding venue!

The main structure of the pavilion is finished and awaiting installation of sliding barn doors on three entrances. The polished concrete floor turned out beautifully. There is lots of electrical service to accommodate a DJ station, mood lighting and the bar area.

This week Danmark plumbing installed the water lines. We’re waiting for the electricians to run wires so we can continue with the sheetrock in the rest room building.

Next week a semi delivery of 400 chairs and 40 tables will be arriving. The next few weeks will pass quickly as the interior gets finished, toilets, sinks and showers are installed and siding is painted and installed on the exterior of the rest room building. Sidewalks will be poured as soon as it warms up and additional landscaping will be added to the wedding garden.

The pavilion is designed to house 300 guests in comfort and style. Booking now for 2018 and 2019 events.


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